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The house o' prehensile smut.

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Ahoy there! This community is for people who can appreciate the fine chemistry between the elf and the toad; people who spend far too much time contemplating the possibilities of a relationship where one member has fangs and a prehensile tail, the other has a ridiculously long tongue, and both are inhumanly flexible.

That's right, this community is for fans of the once-obscure pairing of Todd Tolensky and Kurt Wagner, two characters from the '00 television series X-Men: Evolution.

Since this community's creation, love for the pairing has grown from a group of three or four fics to a solid, somewhat daunting conglomeration of over 300 stories and many beautiful pieces of fanart, and cannot, by any means, be considered obscure any longer.

So join. Post fics. Post pics. Post challenges, links, quizzes. Anything that promotes the Todd/Kurt love is welcome here! All we ask is that you follow these rules...

  • You must be of legal age to read adult materials. We make no limits on what others can post here, and both your friendly mods, idgiebay and crimsonobsessor, will be posting stuff rated anywhere from G to NC-17. We will not be blamed for anyone seeing something they're not old or mature enough to handle.
  • No flaming! We try to be mature here, so we should be perfectly capable of expressing ourselves without resorting to infantile methods of insult. Anyone who can't is a poopyhead.
  • When posting fics, please use the following template:
    Rating- Based off movie ratings, from G to NC-17.
    Additional Pairings- While Todd and Kurt kiss, is Pietro chasing Lance around with a whip and bondage collar in the background? Let us know!
    Warnings- Does the fic contain hurt/comfort, BDSM, tons'a smut or material likely to squick those of a lighter constitution? Give 'em fair notice ahead of time.
    Summary- Self-explanatory, ne?

    DISCLAIMER required for all fics and pics! Just to be on the safe side. All fics and pics should also be behind an lj-cut tag, so as to save space on people's friends pages.
  • Stay ON-TOPIC. On-topic is anything that relates to Todd and/or Kurt in some way. Please, do not make general posts about X-Men: Evolution. There are other communities for that.
  • Just for clarification, Nightcrawler and Toad from movieverse or comicverse are NOT EQUIVALENT to Todd and Kurt. Please DO NOT post movieverse or comic verse-related fics, pics, etc here.
  • Tag your entries. This isn't so much a rule as it is a suggestion. I know it's easy to forget, so if you do, don't worry--a mod will take care of it.

    If you're posting a fic, the tags should be as follows: fanfiction, title, fic-author, fic-rating, & one-shot/multi-part (one or the other). Ex: fanfiction, act naturally, fic-crimsonobsessor, fic-pg, one-shot

    For fanart: fanart, art-artist, art-rating. Ex: fanart, art-idgiebay, art-nc17

    The reason for the fic- and art- prefixes is to keep the two separated for archiving purposes.

    For miscellaneous things, such as discussions, icons, etc., the tag can be the contents of the post (ie, for icons, the tag would simply be "icons")

In case you need to get in touch with your friendly neighborhood mods:
idgiebay = idgiebay(at)gmail(dot)com
crimsonobsessor = crimsonobsession(at)hotmail(dot)com
(sorry, we don't want webcrawlers getting ahold of our e-mail addresses :)

Help staff:
melarocco - tagging entries.
manikaitwing - tagging entries.

Other than that, everyone should just hang around, have fun, and write/draw as much Todd/Kurt goodness as you can!