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So a funny excerpt-y subject...

I thought this up, it was funny.. I don't have a title but X-men Evo is not mine nor will it ever be cause I'm broke XD


Kurt watched his lover from his position, brow lifting.. At that position there was no way he'd hit the pool.. He'd hit.. Oh no!

"Tuck and Roll, Babycakes!!" Todd hollered before jumping, landing on the tail end of Kurt's lounge chair, sending the furry mutant into the air and then into the pool, a large splash the last anyone saw of the furry mutant for all of two minutes.

Todd peered into the pool only to regret the action when he heard the telltale BAMF! and felt his body get shoved into the pool, "You first... Babycakes~."


That's all I wrote :)
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