Yeah, I don't believe I'm still alive, either. This may be some shared hallucination.


Rating: PG-13
Additional pairings: None
Warnings: Excruciating family ties
Summary: Circumstances dump Todd on Kurt in the middle of his happy family holiday and the boys learn all over again that mistakes keep on plaguing their victims and perpetrators forever, but there's a little good left in the world. Lucky for them they've strengthened their bond, because they certainly can't catch a break.

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Chapter 1
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Written while drunk, will edit later. Loves you all

I'm a little to out of it for details, but this is basically a reaction fic to a fic, erm, I'm sads. anywho, I'll fix this up nice in a day or two when I'm sober. heh ^_^
"Write drunk, edit sober" ~Ernest Hemingway
I've seem to have taken it literally. *headdesk*

Fic: Melancholy Shared
Author: Tesser
Rating: PG-13 – alcohol use
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters; just my own twisted thoughts and I seem to be a fluff for brains.
Word count: 498
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A/N: Finally came back, I just fixed two little typos, probably no one noticed them and added the header and a title.   For the longest time I had forgotten this story and the story it references... and now rereading it still makes me sad.  I have left everything else as it was.
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I'm slowly chiseling content from my notebooks.

Fic: Green Fairy
Author: Tesser
Rating: PG-13 – alcohol use, or should I say mild alcohol love (I heart absinthe)
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters; just my own twisted thoughts and I seem to be a fluff for brains.
Summary: Through previous and unexplained events Rogue discovers a secret and gives Todd liquor. Teehee.
Word count: 888   XD

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Did I really not post this here?

I was looking through the content of a flashdrive and the stuff I'd saved from Greatest Journal when it went belly up and found this little thing, but don't recall finding it here. Weird.

Uber-Drabble, which I don't seem to have a title for, but according to the note in the file I wrote it at a coffee shop in one go with little editing. *shrug*

Author: Tesser
Rating: Suggestive ;->
Disclaimer: I own nothing, not even my own cute disclaimer. Though I will claim twisted thoughts. I also seem to be a fluff for brains.
A/N: Well I think it's funny. *Also, how would one punctuate a plural possessive "y'all"? No really. XD

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EDIT: Turns I did post this before, but as a comment way back when. The things you can find when re-reading the entire community, lol.
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So a funny excerpt-y subject...

I thought this up, it was funny.. I don't have a title but X-men Evo is not mine nor will it ever be cause I'm broke XD


Kurt watched his lover from his position, brow lifting.. At that position there was no way he'd hit the pool.. He'd hit.. Oh no!

"Tuck and Roll, Babycakes!!" Todd hollered before jumping, landing on the tail end of Kurt's lounge chair, sending the furry mutant into the air and then into the pool, a large splash the last anyone saw of the furry mutant for all of two minutes.

Todd peered into the pool only to regret the action when he heard the telltale BAMF! and felt his body get shoved into the pool, "You first... Babycakes~."


That's all I wrote :)
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Page 3!

A Step Back page 3. I kept forgetting to post this!! Sorry! and seriously, who didn't see this coming. Or maybe ive just been reading too much 'Openly-bisexual-Pietro' fanfiction. >:3

Enjoy! Saku

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