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Discord Server!

Hi all! So a few of us have gotten together in a Discord server to share our love for these bois in a new lil hub. We might be doing some art livestreams or writing comps etc at some point too! It would be lovely if anyone revisiting this place (or stumbling over it for the first time) fancies joining in!

The invite link is:
If it has expired, please do message me either on here or on Tumblr (user: FinalFallenFantasy) for a fresh one!

Even if you haven't been in the fandom for years and/or have no intention of posting anything, it would be lovely to chat with anyone who wants to, and consumers and lurkers are just as welcome as creators!

Lots of love, y'all!
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more fic for the masses

Inspired by suxike, I have returned to the world of writing fic after something like 15 years with a bit of ToddKurt! It ain't much but it's honest work.

Rating: M
Warnings: Little bit spicy and they're technically still in high school, but I like to think they're at least 18 by that point.
Summary: Just a little ficlet exploring your average teenage hormones and frustrations.

( Like real people do )

superheroes, lol, Shoop da whoop
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Art and Fic

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Hi all! I'm sure most people by now are exclusively on Tumblr/AO3/Twitter etc these days, but for nostalgia's sake I can't leave well enough alone and will be posting things in here too.
I did an art! Using a tablet for the first time :D I haven't done digital art in over a decade (and what I did before was done entirely with a mousepad on the school computers so you can imagine how that went). I'm pleased with it, at least enough to share it.

It wasn't intended to be, but it became a companion piece to my fic Despair Is Less Abundant, found here (rated E):
superheroes, lol, Shoop da whoop
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2 Decades On...

So  I've recently gotten back into this ship in a big way and realised that  in my first, uh, thirteen years in this community I really didn't post  much. So here is my first attempt at rectifying this.

Rating: Explicit
Warnings: PTSD, flashbacks, panic attacks, oral sex (fellatio), graphic depictions of sex, masturbation, the brief and irritating appearance of a cop, unholy amounts of whipped cream, a ridiculously long (and stolen) title
Summary: Kurt has left the X Men, he's alone and rudderless and disillusioned in a  world undergoing climate collapse. He wants to make a difference, but  how do you do that in a world full of megalomaniacs? Well, starting a  community garden seems like a good place to start.

Despair Is Less Abundant (In Those Who Understand How To Plant Their Hearts) In Community Gardens

Behold: a fic about anarchist!Todd and Kurt setting up a community  garden, and an art (inspired by my RP with the awesome Sinbins!), my first in many moons. Ngl Todd has heavily leaned on PumpkinPantry's pics  of adult Todd. Thanks for always being an artist I admired as a teen  (and still do)! Can you tell I badly positioned Todd on the page and so  had to tear it in half and shuffle to make Kurt fit? :P

Late Night Doodles

I know this community is mostly silent these days, but I'll post whenever I make new things to finally contribute.

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RP, anyone?

Hello? Is this thing on? Is there anyone still out here?

I used to be a member of this community many, many moons ago and just created a new LJ account to post here again, hah. If anyone still has a hankering for this ship and wants to RP over Discord, hit me up. Thanks!


Yeah, I don't believe I'm still alive, either. This may be some shared hallucination.


Rating: PG-13
Additional pairings: None
Warnings: Excruciating family ties
Summary: Circumstances dump Todd on Kurt in the middle of his happy family holiday and the boys learn all over again that mistakes keep on plaguing their victims and perpetrators forever, but there's a little good left in the world. Lucky for them they've strengthened their bond, because they certainly can't catch a break.

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Chapter 1